about. ($0.25, please.)

when i’m a mother (which i rather rashly and optimistically like to assume is in my future), i plan on having a jar in which my family will place a quarter every time they terminate a sentence with a preposition.

‘about’ is a really funny word if you look at it long enough. as are most words, i suppose.

i’ve been prompted by wordpress to write something pertaining to myself here (hence, aforementioned ‘funny’ word in the subject line); something that, i guess, should encourage you to read this blog.


if you’re reading this page, then i would assume you’ve read at least five words of the most recent entry adjacent to the link that brought you here, unless said entry is less than five words, in which case you’ve gotten off easily. congratulations.

in the more likely event that my thoughts surpassed such a brief ejaculation of text (giggidy), and your perusal evoked some sort of emotion, whether that of empathy, wonder, or, disgust (not likely, i should hope) then i rest contented, as that’s all i can really ask for.

(was that concluding preposition unconsciously ironic?)


One thought on “about. ($0.25, please.)

  1. carlton says:

    i just happened to be here after becoming curious about .25 (i believe it was) and an equally impressed and proud of your gift in language and grammar. no wonder you may be bored and move on to french and the rest simply because of your obvious skill or easily reached literary goals in in the mother tongue?

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