1:47 am – did a trial run, hilariously overconfident. my suitcase and backpack were full to the brim before i added my scarves, hats, toiletries, and other odds and ends… despair. went through everything and made some painful eliminations, mostly consisting of things that bore me to death/have been seen billions of times/i wore all the time in bristol. begs the question of why i packed them in the first place. naturally, everything black is coming with me.

minus that h&m shirt that i’m thinking about burning because i’m so sick of it.

anyway, i’ve gotten rid of about half of what i originally packed. YES.

sad: i was going to bring eleven pairs of jeans. ELEVEN. what???

once more into the breach…

1:54 am – embarrassing itunes shuffle is embarrassing. i may or may not be listening to “when there was me and you” from high school musical…

1:56 am – how did i forget how much space is saved by rolling instead of folding? also, vanessa hudgens is…the opposite of a good singer.

2:23 am – so. exhausted. going to bed. i’ll be up at 8 to finish. bonne nuit.


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