je veux dormir quand tu te réveilles

la fin du mois. can’t say i’m sorry to see january go.

school started again. yey. only thing keeping me going right now is my upcoming trip back to bristol. i’ll be missing a week of classes. this should be mildly alarming, especially since it’s my last semester and whatever, but whatever was inside me that made me obsessively careful about school and classes and grades and GPAs broke. i don’t care. i want to go back to england, i want to see my friends, i want to live a life outside of syllabuses and textbooks and please turn your cellphones off! damn it. i try to find diversions everywhere i can, because if i just let myself sink underneath the overwhelming grey that is my undergraduate life it’s…not pretty, to put it lightly.

anyhow. my latest distractions: finding new music, shopping way too much, reading (as always). (how exciting, right, oh well) right now i’m enjoying a heartbreaking work of staggering genius, by dave eggers. it’s amazing and hilarious and devastating, but i can’t fully plunge into it because every time i turn around it’s time to go to class or read something for school. right now portrait of the artist of a young man is staring me down. what larks! this book is the literary equivalent of bashing my head repeatedly against a wall.

we can make the wall green and decorated with shamrocks, since joyce is irish. i’m fair.

i was over half an hour late for my french history class this morning because it randomly dumped snow this morning. traffic was unbelievable. it usually takes me about ten minutes to get to school. then i got to do really badly, if not fail, my quiz on a map of france. as i haven’t taken a history class since high school, i completely forgot how incompetent i am at maps. map…stuff. anything involving maps, directions, geography…who cares about this shit. my foot hurts and i need to do some reading before class in an hour.


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