midterm eve rambling

one of my friends turned 21 on friday, but because i have two midterms and a paper coming up this week, i wisely decided to go straight to mom’s after work friday night and study there for the weekend, instead of being constantly distracted by partying housemates.

i guess i did get some work done. i typed up review sheets for both midterms. i finished reading pride and prejudice (aw/yawn). i did half of my french homework (the only half i could do at the time, that is). but i then spent the rest of the time watching two towers and the hours and hours of behind the scenes whatsits.

now i’m back at the apartment, earphones on while my roommate watches tv, going over my social evolution review sheet yet again. itunes set to play all songs by howard shore. this weekend my mind has been in middle earth, what can i say.

my reed diffusers are working REALLY well. all i can smell is vanilla. mmmmm.

my roommates downstairs have some men over apparently for what looks like a study party and while i caught enough peripheral evidence that they stray to the attractive end of the male spectrum i can’t bring myself to go down and introduce myself because 1. that’s awkward, after i’ve already walked past them several times 2. i’m already pajama’d and have overnight acne gloop on my face (sexy) and 3. i get extremely lazy and diffident when it comes to meeting and charming and jumping through various other hoops to seem normal and cool and appealing to males. i can’t stand all the pretense and grunting and checks and balances it takes, on a good day, to engage with someone of the opposite sex, so i just prefer avoiding it, unless they approach me, which thankfully occurs much more often.

this is solely a result of studying this tripe for the past three days, but my first instinct upon rereading that last paragraph was to say ‘wow, i’m an evolutionary failure.’

(by ‘tripe’, i mean i don’t believe in evolution from the standpoint that humans were at one point fish, or monkeys, or basically anything other than humans in the distant past. not getting into that, though. suffice it to say i am of the firm understanding that a creaTION implies a creaTOR. as you may have surmised, this course is required for graduation; it’s the only reason i’m sleeping through it.]

as to my lackluster approach to males…i mean, eh, whatever. my feelings on this subject vary pretty much day-by-day and i guess today is a very apathetic one.

why am i even talking about this? what was i saying? something about studying, and lord of the rings…? anyway right now ‘twilight and shadow’ is playing. funny story about this song — it’s not the real title. when i downloaded the music eons ago i realized after separating them into their three disparate soundtracks that i had two songs with the same time title, so i went to amazon to check their times and was then forced to change the names of one of the songs, but, let’s face it, with mostly instrumental pieces it’s very difficult to really listen and thus find the correct title. and, as i recall, it was in the wee hours of the morning. so i thought up a ‘lord of the ringsy’ name, and blam. twilight and shadow. works for me.

i’m hungry but i’ll be damned if i go back downstairs. oh, look, some craisins! good night.


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