so much for staying in the moment.

today’s a “bank holiday” here in england, whatever that means. well, i do know what that means. no classes. frankly the only definition i care about, especially after a recent discovery on the internet. no classes = more episodes of sex and the city.

as is my wont (and especially as i approach another birthday), i’ve been thinking a lot about my future. september will be the official beginning of my last year as an undergraduate (give or take a semester or two, depending on the results of my year here…yikes). i’m not going to go into how i feel about the past three years; that’s a completely different monster and i’m not at all in a retrospective mood.

my current preoccupation is what the hell is coming next. graduate school? i’d undoubtedly go for creative writing, most definitely in new york. i thought for some time about moving to california and going to school there but new york has been calling me for years. no way am i leaving the east coast. yet.

but do i really want to be paying student loans for…ever, basically? when i think about the financial side of things, it becomes so tempting to just hit up mom and dad for money for a gritty apartment in the east village, work like two jobs until i have a good amount of money saved up, and then come back to europe to couch surf for about a year.

but how will i ever get a good job when i decide to stop using the world as my playground without a masters degree?

or should i stick my original (ish) plan and find a program that will enable me to teach english in a different country (preferably, french speaking) for a year or two and see where that goes?

or maybe i should apply for the peace corps with christian…volunteer in asia for 27 months?

i know what you’re thinking. i utterly fail at not stressing over what’s yet to come. but isn’t this normal? looking ahead?

everything here in england is at such a disappointing standstill that i can’t help but think about what’s coming next.


One thought on “so much for staying in the moment.

  1. Rachele says:

    Carla!! It was a PLEASURE hearing from you (:
    I think we all wonder what is coming next with school. It can be frustrating and scary all at the same time. I hope all is going well in England! I find it pretty awesome that you were able to study abroad! Nursing school doesnt allow for all that…lol. I hope to see you this summer too!
    Praying for you (:

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