making islands where no island should go

my right thumb itches.

i really enjoy my new leather wristband. i bought it today in cardiff. first time in wales. it was pretty; we walked through a park and paid 7.50 to explore an old castle that was ancient and beautiful in some parts and renovated and ugly in others. there was a “falconry” where they kept about seven birds chained in a tiny hut to “prevent them from hurting themselves” that made me genuinely sad. nicole and i laughed at our foolish fear of falling through the kind of steps you can see through as you walk up. we sang songs from the sound of music and i used a 5p coin to etch the symbol of the deathly hallows into a brick wall on the roof of the keep. when i saw the sign for the keep i involuntarily yelled “FALL BACK TO THE KEEP!” i thought about how the giant luscious field would be an ideal quidditch location. i thought about playing quidditch, soaring through the crisp air, wind swirling around my face and hair, the sheer dizzying highs and lows and joy and terror of being airborne. i thought of those falcons who should have known this freedom, not the dank darkness of their artificial home in the “falconry”.

we went to a pub and the barman was extremely attractive–i think his name was matt. counting him, the number of attractive welsh men we saw today: 1.

i attempted to read a welsh word and pronounced it perfectly, according to our very own welsh guide. i was proud. i’m going to stop saying the word welsh.

i had about half an hour of sleep last night. my roommate’s visiting friend snores like a dying hippopotamus. i have a 2500 word paper to write before i leave for greece on tuesday and i’d much rather just sleep until then. i’m listening to the mamma mia soundtrack right now, though, and meryl disagrees:

i try to capture every minute… the feeling in it slipping through my fingers all the time

i’ve been reading up on all sorts of things you can do with olive oil–facial moisturizers, hair strengtheners, cuticle softeners. i’m excited to test them out.

my eyes always tear when i yawn. why are yawns contagious? humans are such strange creatures.


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