been appreciating individual moments much more lately. don’t know where this heightened awareness came from, or if that’s even the right way to describe it. more receptive to the tiny phenomena occuring second. by. second. down beat in this india.arie song i’m listening to. what more can i say? so simple… scratch of my blue sock against the back of my ankle. remembering i accidentally put my socks on inside out last night in my haste to warm my chilled toes.  soft slow breeze that stirs the hair on my arms. slight moisture in my eyes that keeps my vision clear. inhale.  exhale. inhale. dark purple fingernails, left middle finger a bit chipped already. slight ache in the knuckles of my right hand from the way it’s positioned when i type. how simple it is to ignore these things. how terrifyingly simple.

floweri’ve been considering veganism again.


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