new blog. and i’m still hurricane carla.

maybe i’m just having a slow day, but for some reason i can’t log into my other blog to update. so here is a new one. i kind of resent having all these unfinished (…when is a blog ever really finished, though?) products floating around the blogosphere, but there’s nothing much i can do about it. well, nothing much that my debilitating laziness will let me do about it.

so what’s new since the beginning of february, you ask? school is over for an entire month–easter holiday, they call it here, and snicker whenever an american forgets themselves enough to refer to it as “spring break”; wet t-shirt contests and other forms of depraved, drunken debauchery immediately coming to mind at the seemingly innocuous phrase. so far, my vacation has consisted of:

  • sleeping
  • rereading “charmed thirds” by megan mccafferty, one of my best friends during my middle/high school years
  • watching youube videos and 1/3 of pineapple express
  • sleeping
  • napping

i DO plan on making something more of my life, i promise. but it’s been a rather rough past two or three weeks, so you’ll understand my need to take it slow for a couple days. my only two major trips planned are greece and morocco, but my friends and i want to make some other day/weekend trips as well. going to london and seeing a couple shows–spring awakening, wicked, les misĂ©rables, something at the shakespeare’s globe–is a must. we booked a trip to edinburgh through a student organization but it was canceled, so we’re going to have to go on our own. i also really want to visit oxford (christ church, where they filmed a lot of the hogwarts scenes in the HP movies!), cardiff, and brighton.

i’m desperate to go to barcelona, rome, and paris again, but i don’t think that’s going to happen during break–maybe after exams? we’ll see.

two things i’m looking forward to: metric and san francisco.


i am not, as it were, a measuring enthusiast, as you may have mistakenly surmised, but a fan of METRIC, a canadian rock-electronica-punk band that is COMING TO BRISTOL on may 16th and performing in thekla, a club on the waterfront that i’ve actually never been to but always hear good things about. to say i’m excited would be like saying the atlantic ocean is a bit damp.


san francisco: okay, well if you know anything at all about me, you know that i’m an out and proud, unabashed, undeniable harry potter nerd. i’ve done it all–midnight book release parties, midnight film premieres, gone to wizard rock shows, debated passionately about the books, bought a slytherin tie and scarf, i’ve even co-hosted a harry potter party. however, all of this pales in comparison (and, let’s face it, marks the divide between ‘big fan’ and ‘downright fanatic’) to flying across the country (or outside of it) to attend harry potter conventions. i have done this twice in the past two years–in 2007, i went to ‘prophecy’ in toronto, and last summer ‘terminus’ was in chicago. and this year ‘azkatraz’ will be in san francisco. i thought i wasn’t going to be able to attend because i was planning on spending most of june and july in paris taking two french courses, but since that is no longer happening due to financial whatsits, azkatraz is back on the table. not only that, but i have many good friends (yes, all friends through a mutual friend, harry potter) who have been clamoring for me to visit california since i met them in 2007 and now i finally have the chance. AND my best friend here in england lives in california, so seeing her again in july will undoubtedly make saying goodbye to her less horrible than we already know it will be.

i reallyreallyreallyreally hope this can happen.

i spoke to my friend rhiannon last night, and, as always,she reminded me how much more there is to life than just school and worrying about money, as it so often seems. that phrase “the world is your oyster” never meant much to me until i met people like rhiannon, before i came to england, before i reached a level of independence that would have terrified me two years ago and now i can’t imagine giving up. there’s just so much to see and think and feel and hear and DO, i can’t afford to let myself squander any more opportunities to live life the way i want to. i’ve had dreams like this for as long as i can remember–you know that happy, soaring feeling that comes from hearing the triumphant “no day but todaaaay!” in RENT or reading an inspiring biogaphy of someone who knew what they wanted and went after it? i’m sick of experiencing that for a few brief, joyful hours, and then sinking beneath that wave of ‘well, back to reality’ that inevitably crashes over me. forget that. if my life is a book, i will accept the unfinished paragraphs, occasional bad grammar, run-on sentences and even skipped pages. but the one thing i refuse to to be is BORING.


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